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Mobile framing are providing a costumer service which is 2nd to none and take most of the hassle from the local artist to assure that their costumers will be pleased with the whole process as well as the finished art work.

One of our main partners are “Art lovers Australia”.
Art Lovers Australia are the main online Australian Art gallery for promoting local Australian artists and art.
Art lovers Australia are the main art distributors of “The Block”. We’ve been honoured to frame the artworks for them and be able to represent our finished product on prime time Australian tv

We highly recommend to check their art works on their website for supporting local Australian artists:

Mobile Framing Feature Artists

Shane Bowden



Shane Bowden is a contemporary Neo Expressionist, Pop artist, photographer and printmaker.

Residing in the USA and Japan from 2001 to 2019, he is well known around the globe for his vibrant, colorful pop art silkscreen works reminiscent of Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg.

Synoptic flashing juxtapositions of silk screened imagery nostalgically recall the visual stratagems of the sixties; the collage techniques & unexpected material contrasts here & there, deliberately untidy contours & lavish paint smears meters long in these new combinations remind us that his works continue to bridge the gap between action painting & Pop Art as well as the seminal gap between art & life which he has so compellingly carved out for himself.

In 2019, he returned to Sydney Australia and continues to work with a new, inspired and passionate drive towards his work.


Ozlem Savelle 

I am Ozlem Savelle, happiest rummaging through bush, swimming lakes or salty from the sea. My love for nature, landscape and my surroundings are reflected in my paintings through colour, mark making and use of varied texture in my work. I find myself motivated by using different textures, washes and
methods to interact with one another, to form one unique and
cohesive visual experience.
I am a self-taught artist from the Sutherland Shire. Originally born in a small town in far North Queensland where the bush meets the reef. I was heavily influenced by the earthy tones and details of indigenous art. This is where my love for art started.

Jeremy Kay

Jeremy Kay is a French born resin artist currently based in Byron Bay. Using an intuitive, free flowing style to create abstract shapes in resin, over many years Jeremy has developed his own unique way of pouring and experimenting with resin to make vibrant and expressive artworks. With a radical inclination towards mixing new mediums and colours into each resin work, his original pieces capture a psychedelic and dreamlike feel that evoke an emotional and atmospheric response. Inspired by many years travelling internationally, Kay’s resin art reflects an enthusiasm for life, living, adventure and the vibrancy of life.

Michelle Drougas

Australian Artist | Abstract Art

Michelle has always worked in creative industries, but it wasn’t until she started painting,
particularly with fluid techniques that she found a medium she could freely express herself
with. Michelle is paintings are developed using a combination of inks, fluid paints, acrylics,
spray paint and pastels.
Michelle describes herself as an intuitive artist as her pieces emerge through the process
rather than going in with a clear plan.
Michelle is a modern working Mum who has a love affair with fashion, style and

10 Years Warranty

Mobile Framing are collaborating with a wide range of local Australian artists. Our pickup and delivery service makes the
whole process much more easier and simple for local Australian artists to sell their art. Weather if their costumer is located in Sydney or Melbourne, we commit to provide them with the best craftsmanship and prices for their precious creations.
Mobile Framing can also ship interstate with our professional delivery services.