There are serveral glass protection options for framing your precious
art work with
Mobile Framing

Adding the right glass to your picture frame is  necessary for the final finish of your frames print as well as for thr long term protection

Whether your’e looking to frame your art work, or just replace your existing glass, Mobile Framing will assist you to find the right type of glass to fit your needs

Glass Types

Clear glass
The basic standard glass for picture framing. The most affordable option and recommended for costumers that are working on a budget
ART Glass70
Stronger and more flexible than the regular glass. Art glass is Mobile Framings most recommended glass. It’s a Special anti glair coating with a 70% uv protection level which can keep your print colors clear and sharp for many years. Art glass is also 90% non reflective however not like the non reflective glass, it’s bright and clear which makes your framed art work look almost like it has no glass ar all
Non-reflective glass
this type of glass is 90% non-reflective which means that you can see your art work much more clearly without almost any reflection. The glass itself is a bit darker than the normal clear glass
Art glass92 (Museum glass)
Special anti-glare coating with protection level of 92% and clear view.
3mm Art glass
For special oversize pieces, that exceed 120cm in the short side of the artwork, the use of a thicker type of the Museum glass is needed, to hold strongly the frame and I the valuable piece.
Art Glass 99 (Museum Glass)

Special anti-glare coating with protection level of 99% and clear view
Perspex – or in its other name “flexi glass”

is basically plastic. This option is usually recommended for oversized prints. Perspex is a very light material which will make the total weight of your framed art work to become much lighter. While the chances of oversized glass framed art works to crack are much higher, the flexibility of the Perspex will eliminate that risk. Perspex however, can get scratches pretty easily compared to glass. Perspex is available in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses

Museum acrylic

with UV protection and anti-glare coating. is a relatively new and very special acrylic that combines the light and flexible qualities of our regular acrylics together with UV protection and anti glare qualities to create a unique look for your artwork, to be preserved and protected from the sun