Mobile framing offers professional custom framing services. As a premier art service provider in Melbourne, we work with interior designers, local businesses and individuals to enhance their home or office decor.

  • Oil and acrylic paintings
  • Custom Framing in Melbourne
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Awards
  • Shadowboxing
  • Prints and limited editions
  • Textile art
  • Fine art photography
  • Vintage posters
  • Memorabilia
  • Kids’ art
  • Watercolour, graphite, pastel, and original works on paper

Redefining Custom Framing in Melbourne

Before mobile framing came to be, custom framing Melbourne was an expensive, cumbrous process. For instance, if you wanted to frame a special piece of art, you would need to pack it up and make your way to the frame store. When you get there, you might be shocked to learn that the cost of custom framing Melbourne rings up at three times the price of your art. Above this, you are told that the framing process will take several weeks. This leaves you with two options- Roll your piece of art back and store it in your closet or go ahead and pay more for a not-so-exceptional service.

As Melbourne’s best custom framing company, we make the process easier and deliver a truly delightful end product. We understand that everyone artwork is one-of-a-kind, so our expert designers and craftspeople treat every piece with the attention-to-detail it deserves. We design the perfect frame for your photos and other artwork at an affordable price.

We strive to ensure our services are conveniently available to anyone in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. This is why we have a dedicated mail-in and upload process to allow you custom frame your art prints from home. You only need to upload your photos, choose a framing style you like or leave that for us. Our creatives will print your image using archival paper and ink, add a custom frame and finally send the masterpiece back to you.

Our team believes nothing should prevent you from getting your favourite pieces of art on the wall. For this reason, every part of our custom framing experience has been designed to guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Here’s more as to why our services are a cut above the rest.

Outstanding custom picture framing

Our expert designers and craftsmen fastidiously measure, cut, and craft your custom frame. We can create high-quality frames using different materials- archival papers, acid-free mats, ink and solid wood castings with beautiful finishes. We also go a step further to protect the artwork from UV rays, dust and moisture using acrylic. The framing process adds up to an outstanding picture frame that lasts a lifetime.

Our Clear pricing

Most Aussies wonder why the pricing ranges of custom framing Melbourne varies from one custom framer to another. It’s true- there’s no standard pricing for custom framing, but we ensure our services are affordable without compromising the quality of service. The quotation you receive upon bringing your piece of art into our store depends on work to be performed. This includes the printing of digital images, the mat, frame and shipping. No sneaky upcharges and no hidden fees. Simply put- you pay for what you see.

No Middle Man / No subcontracting

Many people are baffled at why our custom frames are so affordable, yet they’re of high quality. As the leading custom picture framing company in Melbourne, we source all our materials from the very best manufacturers in the industry. By eliminating middlemen and handling all the creative work by ourselves, we have managed to cut down our custom framing costs.

Faster service

While most creative companies take several weeks working on a custom frame, we at mobile framing Melbourne have a sense of urgency. We know that you’re looking forward to receiving the final piece of art. In most cases, you can expect the framed art around 7 days after placing your order. During this time, we are transparent enough to let you know what’s happening to your picture or any other piece of art.

Beautiful custom frames

It’s no secret that our custom picture framing Melbourne team is design obsessed. Our high-quality frames have trend-driven beautiful styles that look incredible regardless of your style of décor. Choosing among thousands of curated frame selections with seemingly endless styles can be overwhelming, but our expert designers will help you select the perfect custom frame for your piece of art.

Whether you want to frame a piece of sports memorabilia or just checking through our fine art gallery, you won’t find a better custom framer than us. We’re simply the best – so bring in whatever idea you have and let the creative experts put everything in the right frame of mind.

If you need help with a custom framing project, give us a call, and one of our creative frame artists will be more than happy you get your project started