Floating frame is a type of frame that is designed only for framing a canvas, canvases are designed to be framed without glass, given the thick material it’s made of. In this way it’s actually allowing the art work to feel more alive without any layer of protection covering it.
In order to frame a canvas in a floating frame, the canvas must be stretched first. After the canvas is stretched behind a frame , it can be inserted into a floating frame.
A floating frame is the perfect add on to your stretched canvas, a floating frame is a thin & elegant frame with a width size that ranges between 0.8cm – 1.3cm and it has an approximate 5mm gap between the stretched canvas to the frame.
The most popular floating frame colours are Tasmanian oak , Black or white floating frames.
There are also different colours, designs and finishes of floating frames available including exclusive designs of Mobile Framing that are available in our Sydney, Melbourne , Byron bay, Gold coast & Brisbane branches.

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With our continuous efforts and innovation, we have attained a place amongst the leading picture framing suppliers
in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Shire , Brisbane and Gokd coast. Our professional crew ensures that our clients are getting exceptional quality, reliability,
and affordability. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Mobile Framing

Framing a picture or a piece of art holds extreme importance, as it is the only way to fortify your favourite items
from any dings and dongs. But the major problem with standard framing is that they cover a lot of visual area, and
the visual space of the picture gets distorted.

If you need something that makes your canvases much more appealing, then a floating frame is the only solution! A floating frame is made entirely out of wood or other classy material. The reason why our customers choose to frame their stretched canvases in a floating frame over any other frame, is the visual gap created between the frame and the artwork. This gap which is normally 5mm ( but can be also larger or smaller , depends on the customers request) is what makes a floating frame to be so unique and different from any other kind of frame.

In layman, a floating frame provides some free space around the canvas, and it appears like the canvas is floating in the air. Also, you can say that a floating frame rewards your canvas with a 3D look that is incredibly adorable, and there is no interference with the visual space of the item.

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