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Why choose Mobile Framing?

With our continuous efforts and innovation, we have attained a place amongst the leading picture framing agencies
in Sydney and Melbourne. Our professional crew ensures that our clients are getting exceptional quality, reliability,
and affordability. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Mobile Framing

We're Innovative

When we say innovation, we mean it!

Our expert framers have the required craftsmanship to deliver our clients with incredible quality, and best materials. The floating frames available with us are a piece of innovation, and these will surely take the look of your canvas to next-level.

We're Punctual

We chase the deadlines, like a PRO! 
We entirely admit how it feels to stay away from the pictures and canvas you adore. And that is why we deliver your floating framed shipment on or before the promised time. You can rest assured that your beloved item will be delivered to you in its original shape, and with the best floating frame.

We Do Quality Work

Quality is a trait in our blood! 
All the floating frames manufactured by Mobile Framing are made with the finest materials. We want the frame to deliver decent longevity, and that is the reason why we handpick high-quality materials for manufacturing our floating frames. At Mobile Framing, we can even assure that the canvas will be attached using the best adhesive available in the market. Everything that leaves our workshop has a flair of quality, and you will believe the same after availing floating frame service from us.


Leave all your hassles to us! 
We take up all your hassles to make sure that you are getting the best possible customer experience. Our crew can even collect the artwork from your doorstep. So you don’t have to run into any hassles. What’s more? In case you don’t want to send your artwork for framing; then we will frame it inside your facility. You can witness the whole process of framing in front of your eyes.

Framing a picture or a piece of art holds extreme importance, as it is the only way to fortify your favourite items
from any dings and dongs. But the major problem with standard framing is that they cover a lot of visual area, and
the visual space of the picture gets distorted.
If you need something that makes your items much more appareling, then a floating frame is the only solution! A
floating frame is a specialised frame made entirely out of wood or other classy materials. The reason why our users
choose a floating frame over anything is the visual gap created between the frame and the artwork.
In layman, a floating frame provides some free space around the canvas, and it appears like the canvas is floating
in the air. Also, you can say that a floating frame rewards your canvas with a 3D look that is incredibly adorable, and
there is no interference with the visual space of the item

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