Picture Framing and Interior Decoration – Your Home’s Style

Capture your personality and unique flair with picture and photo framing, mirrors and oil paintings, etc.

Reality TV shows such as House Rules and The Block often mention the significance and impact of framing, they can even raise the value of your home. The small details such as the wall hangings make a big difference to the end result of your home’s appearance. For instance, mirrors in certain rooms can elegantly generate the feeling of a larger room.

Add drama and pizzazz to your home with multiple mirrors that are suitable to the particular room they are in.

Ornate, wooden frames are great for family pictures and gorgeous gold frames work well with artworks. Why not arrange multiple family photos within the one frame and mat board for a fabulous feature wall effect? Choose the colours that suit your home’s interior décor and design theme. Every piece that you’re wanting to frame is different, so not every frame will suit every piece. For a modern style, think silver frames. For a classic feel for artwork, gold frames are ideal.

On The Block TV show, to finish off a room, it’s essential to have something remarkable adorning the wall. Something daring can work wonders – just remember to keep in mind the wall’s size, room colour, and design, as well as your own preferences.

Small accessories in a home really do make all the difference, and frames are definitely an excellent example!  To get more helpful tips on picture frames online, always visit our blog regularly.

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