How to Successfully Frame and Decorate Your Mirror

Framed mirrors add shine and sparkle to any room. They help focus the eye. Change the look of your home, with these innovative ideas for mirrors.

  • A variety of framed mirrors work well together. They can refresh your space while giving an illusion that it’s double the size.
  • For a summer and beach style, why not create a seashell framed mirror? Collect some shells that take your fancy. They can be different sizes and types. You may prefer to rinse and dry them before starting. Use a hot glue gun to stick the shells down.
  • Another idea is to glue patterned cloth onto a plain frame around a mirror, to suit the theme of your house.
  • Do you have a pretty tray you’d like to show off on your wall? Try attaching a custom-cut mirror to it for added pizzazz.
  • A mirror framed with buttons creates a dramatic statement. Start gluing a variety of buttons on to the frame. Fill in every gap.
  • Decoupage is another delightful way to decorate a mirror. Glue pictures to your frame and coat with varnish. E.g. stamps, newspaper or magazine clippings, vintage pictures, or even your own photographs.
  • A big vintage picture frame is perfect to use for a mirror.
  • To hide an awkwardly placed window in your room, why not place a stylish, framed mirror in front of it?

A Quick DIY Guide

You may find it challenging to frame a mirror successfully on your own. But you will definitely love the end result! Always use a primed MDF baseboard. Other tools: tape measure, level, miter saw, liquid nails, caulk and caulk gun, paint, paintbrush, painter’s tape.

Step One: What are the dimensions of the mirror? Write down the measurements. Will you attach the frame to your mirror or will you secure it to your wall?

Step Two: Cut your boards to the required lengths with a miter saw at a 45 degree angle. If securing the frame to a wall, create a notch in the wood.

Step Three: Now it’s time to paint the boards on every side, including the back.

Step Four: With liquid nails on the back of the bottom board, stick it onto the mirror or wall. Line the frame up straight, using a level. Put some painter’s tape on. Repeat the process, with the two sides and the top.

Step Five: The frame will take approximately one day to dry. Once it is dry, take off all the painter’s tape, seal any uneven areas with filler. Once dry, you may wish to touch up with some more paint.

Do you need help with your mirror framing project? Make an appointment with the Mobile Framing team today.

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