How to Frame Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are incomplete on their own. They require a suitable frame for display and long-lasting protection. A frame will provide a gorgeous border for the edges of your art piece.

Choosing Frames

There are frames in common sizes, but you may find your painting is an unusual size. That’s when a customised frame will be necessary. Don’t forget that the interior dimensions of the frame are what you need to pay attention to, not the exterior dimensions.

Do you recommend a frame with glass for oil paintings?

Oil paintings are not like other common items you might frame – such as photos or prints. Oil paintings require a bit of air. Moisture will ruin your painting so we do not ever recommend a glass frame.

How to do it

After you’ve chosen your frame, insert the painting into it using a stretch frame bar. Using a flat, clean table, place the frame face down and ensure the painting is clearly within the frame’s edges with the stretch bar.

Stretch the canvas after determining the correct angles and amount of pressure– which is not easy. You may need a special stretcher to do this. The painting shouldn’t be stretched too tightly (causing paint to fall off) or too loosely (which will warp the art piece).

Seal the painting in the frame by using the stretch bar inside the frame and fastening it on all sides. Not too constricted though, as it will mark the canvas.

Then simply hang your framed oil painting on the wall to enjoy for many, many years to come.

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