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Your empty wall is a blank background, just waiting to be decorated. What will you decide to hang on it? What do you need to think about in terms of selecting a suitable photograph, print or art piece? What will be appropriate for the décor of your home? What you choose will be the main point of focus once on your wall. The wall hangings need to compliment the colour, style and design of your curtains, bedding and carpets etc.

Also think about the individual tone and mood of each room. For example, it’s not a good idea to hang present-day prints in antique, Victorian homes – you’d be best to find items with a bit of a vintage feel.

In terms of family photos, will you ever be changing the photographs inside your frames? Or will you keep the same photos in the frame forever? This is something to think about as there are ways to secure the photo in. Be clear about your requirements.

Photos must be at a distance from the glass – this can be achieved with a spacer or mat board. This ensures moisture doesn’t ruin the photo. You don’t want the photo to stick to the glass either.

There are also interesting cuts, colours and patterns you could create with the mat board. This could work well when creating a central piece on the wall.

Where will the frame be displayed? Take this into consideration when deciding on the glass for the frame. The sun may hit the wall you would like to hang it on, or your lighting may ruin the effect. Non-reflective glass solves this. However, non-reflective glass may not be suitable for shadowboxes or with mat boards as it may cloud the photo and grey the colouring.

A very fine, single-etched non-reflective glass, such as Tru-Vue Reflection Control would be more effective. It is slightly more expensive than regular non-reflective glass. However, the colour and crispness of the image are not as affected in this type of glass.

UV protective glass is slightly more expensive than non-reflective glass. Yet it will extend the life of your framed item while retaining its value at the same time.

Ensure your mounting is acid-free to conserve your piece perfectly for many years. If you use items with acid (such as cheaper mat board papers, adhesives, frames etc.), dark marks called “foxing” will develop on the image.

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