Jersey Framing

Prove you are a dedicated sports fan by framing your jersey or guernsey.  But what’s the best way to frame your football jumper?

What souvenirs do you want to showcase? Which games do you want to remember? An autographed jersey would be the ultimate item to frame.

There are flat frames or box frames to select from. A box frame is deep, 3D, and similar to a small display case. This is going to impress and amaze your visitors. The backing is called the mat board and this could be two different colours for extra pizazz. You can choose to add photographs or inscriptions as well.

A flat frame, is a normal frame, and a much more affordable option. It still looks sensational on your wall and is an exciting way to show the world your mementos.

How do you frame it?

(a) Do you know the size of the garment? You might want to measure it, if necessary. This will determine the frame and mat board sizing.

(b) Decide on the colour of the mat board and cut it so that it’s 5-7 cm larger than the garment.

(c) With the mat board on a flat table, smooth out the garment so it’s the way you want it to look. You might want to organize the sleeves, collar and edges a certain way.

(d) Now it’s time to sew the garment securely to the mat board the way you have arranged it. Specifically, stitch the back of the neck area, shoulder area, sleeve area, and bottom of the garment. The idea is to sew the back of these areas so the stitches aren’t visible.

(e) Now insert the mat board carefully into your frame.

You can now enjoy your framed memorabilia and hang it on the wall immediately, for you to boast about.

Photographs included in the frame will create even more memories and excitement. Plaques with inscriptions (such as the date, name and event) provide important history behind the remarkable item.

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